10 Things You Can Do Today to Increase Website Sales

Published Sep 14, 22
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A study by Label Insights found that 94% of buyers are loyal to transparent companies. Also, about 73% of customers are willing to pay more for products and services from businesses that operate with transparency. Showing customer reviews and testimonials on your website can add trust in your products and services, as well as give potential customers a final push to choose you.

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One of the best online sales strategies to increase website sales is to build an omnichannel customer experience. Omnichannel experience basically means that your customers are getting the same experience from your company, no matter which channel they choose to interact with you. You should offer multichannel selling from your ecommerce store, Amazon, e, Bay, social media, and Etsy for the biggest increase in your online sales.

This, in turn, will lead to a boost in buyers and leads. And considering that about 73% of buyers use multiple channels during their shopping journey, you should be present in more than just one place on the internet. Just look at Starbucks which engages customers through its website, app, and social media.

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It creates clarity between you and the buyer. It can make your website visitors more likely to click through to the checkout page with the reassurance that you stand behind the quality of your products. : Learn how to write a great ecommerce return policy for your online store, its benefits, and some of the best examples.

And you don’t even need to bear the price, you can increase the price of your product to include the shipping and offer free shipping. There was a lot of buzz about free shipping lately. Customers are jumping on the trend because they can relate to not wanting to pay for shipping.

How to increase online sales through social media? Start by finding your highest converting social media content, this can be video posts, reels, or opinion pieces, Focus on producing more of this content and include your products in it, Use conversational commerce to nurture buyers, Create ads on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media where you have the biggest following, Post at the right time, Create social media automation, such as Instagram bots to engage more customers It’s not difficult, but it can be a little time-consuming.

How to Promote your Online Store and Increase Sales

But they can be pricey, and they only work as long as you pay for them. SEO, on the other hand, brings long-term results without you having to spend anything on advertisements. Content marketing can improve your organic search ranking and provide more traffic to your website. More traffic brings more potential customers and first-time buyers to your site.

The choice is yours! Have you ever seen this before: or this: Yes, these are used to make the choice for the customer easier and for them to decide on the option that you want them to choose. And they prove very useful as the shoppers feel like the best choices are presented to them and are more likely to click on them.

Needing to register for an account and the checkout process being too long are among the top three reasons for shopping cart abandonment during checkout. People don’t have the patience or the will to go through 10 different steps just to purchase a product they want. And you can change that easily by making the checkout process more straight-forward, quicker, and frictionless.

22 Creative Ways to Start Increasing Sales Online Today

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Also, according to experts, you can increase conversions by a whopping 36% if you implement the right checkout optimization strategies. There are so many payment choices out there! Here are just a few of the most popular ones: You don’t need to include all the possibilities, but it will benefit your sales to have the most popular payment methods in your country.

How can these help you? A personalized call-to-action button can improve conversion rates by 202%. It’s the finish line on the customer journey, and you should encourage your website visitors to cross it. Creating targeted landing pages can increase your conversions by up to 300%. So, tailor your product pages and landing pages to the audience that is interested in them.

Make sure all the pages load quickly as, on average, customers expect to wait 2 seconds for a page to load. If yours takes just one-second longer, about 40% of potential clients will click the back button away from your site. This online sales strategy puts your focus on the customers to drive online sale more effectively.

How to Promote your Online Store and Increase Sales

Then act on the data you collected. You can collect customer feedback with: Collecting customer feedback will clearly show you what are the pain points your shoppers have, and you can even find out what functionality they would like you to offer. It’s important in order to increase your sales, as 89% of customers want to have the opportunity to give feedback.

: Discover the most effective follow-up techniques to increase conversions. It’s quite simple and straightforward. Make sure you stay in touch with your existing customers, create relationships with them, and show them that you value them. This will make them more likely to come back to your store again and again.

About 140% more! Establishing good customer relationships can also increase the customer lifetime value and the retention rates. It can help you gain more brand advocates and boost conversion rates. Believe it or not, but a study found that as many as 88% of buying decisions are influenced by customer service reviews.

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A/B testing (also known as split testing) is a marketing tactic that is based on experimenting with your content. You should first create different variations of an email marketing campaign. Then, divide your audience into as many groups as you have variations of the campaign. Send each of the groups a specific variant of the advertisement.