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Published Sep 09, 22
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19 Tried-and-True Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

This type of calendar helps you to understand: Why your audience shares (or doesn’t share) your content. Which types of content people prefer. What’s more, it also stops you from over sharing the same type of stuff too often and allows you to plan on sharing content you know works.

Head over to the Post Planner blog to grab a free social media calendar template. A great tactic for improving the amount of traffic you get from social media is to spy on your competitors. See what they are doing that is working, and then try and replicate it. Here’s a couple of : Want a super quick social competitive analysis plan? Let’s go: Use a tool like Sprout Social to see what your competitors are doing: Competitor research using Social Sprout Then think about things like: What keywords are they using? Who are they following? What social networks are they on? How big is their audience? How often do they post? Have a look at each of their social profiles.

Get Traffic to Your Website for Free by Following These Steps

Take for instance promoting new blog posts. You’ve got to add the title, a social sharing image and a link to the new post to each of your social accounts. And that’s for every post. Remembering to update all your social feeds like this when you publish a new blog post can be a time suck.

How to Increase Your Website Traffic by 20% - DIYMarketersTop 20 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website (2022 Edition)

Head over to Zapier to check over 100 different ways you can automate social media. While on the subject of automation, you can use a tool like Buffer to schedule your posts in advance and automatically post them to your channels: Use Buffer to schedule and publish social posts Alongside posting your content, Buffer can also suggest the best time to post.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website - 21 Effective Ways

Quuu Promote can help you generate lots of social shares In a nutshell: You create a social media post (with a link to your content). Quuu puts this in front of people in your niche who have signed up to get suggestions from Quuu. Some of these people may share it on their social profiles.

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You need to do better than that. Here are some ways to increase your website’s traffic using Twitter: Before you even get started, you need to pick the right Twitter handle, profile photo, and header image. For Twitter to be an effective traffic generating machine, you need to be proactive.

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com) And with over 7,000 new tweets being sent every second, to get any meaningful return from your Twitter, you need a plan. Here are some Twitter marketing tips to try out: Use short attention-grabbing tweets. Add a quote from the post you’re promoting. Add statistics. Use #Hashtags & @mentions.

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You want to use targeted Facebook ads to drive traffic from Facebook back to your site, so make sure you are going after the right (and interested) audiences. If you are confused at all, look into using a Facebook ad tool. Don’t forget you can also use Facebook retargeting ads.

17 Free & Paid Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

You need to have your Facebook Pixel installed and tracking your site traffic and website events. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social platforms and can be a great way to generate traffic. Instagram growth (Image source: Stargage. com) But to get the most from it, you need to consider a few factors: – these are the only factors that Instagram looks at in search queries.

With a lot of your potential audience already on You, Tube, it makes sense to target them with ads. An example of a You, Tube ad To get the most from You, Tube Ads, you need to: Target your audience. Choose the right ad format. Create engaging ads. Check out this guide to You, Tube advertising by Hub, Spot for more information.

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Not only are pins for great longevity (pins get shares over time) bu Pinterest was actively designed for sharing Let’s explore it in more detail: Here are some tactics you can use to harness Pinterest traffic: Sign up for a business account (and get access to Pinterest Analytics). Make sure each pin description is detailed, helpful, and actionable.

Create pin-worthy images (that are the right size & include text). Join relevant Pinterest group boards. Pinterest ads are useful for getting your content in front of more people as they search and browse Pinterest. An example of Pinterest ads To get started: Set up a Pinterest business account. Install the Pinterest Tag.

SEO Strategies To Increase Your Website Traffic Growth

If you want to drive traffic to your B2B blog or website, this is your platform. 90% of social traffic is driven by Linked, In to B2B sites (Image source: Sumo. com) Linked, In can be a great traffic source if you use it right. Here are the essentials you need to start driving traffic from Linked, In today: Create and optimize your personal Profile.

You can also use Linked, In Ads to target your audience with sponsored content, sponsored or text ads. An example of a Linked, In ad Linked, In is obviously most suited to targeting a professional audience. So if your site isn’t targeting that demographic, you may be better of saving your money.

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Sometimes marketing tactics don’t neatly fit into a category. Here are all the traffic boosting tactics that are left: We’ve touched on this already with social ads, but paid traffic can be an effective way of getting eyes on your content. It’s also highly scalable (providing you have the budget).

For the ones that get back to you, publish the interviews on your blog. Not only will the recognizable names improve your credibility and traffic, you’ll probably get a further reach when the interviewee shares it with their audience. If you want some inspiration, sites like Starter Story, Indie, Hackers started out producing this kind of content based on interviews.